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  • To create a good quality to customers 2 hearts
    DATE:2016/1/25 | VIEW:960次

    To create a good quality to customers 2 hearts

    ——Visit Guangzhou Wantong Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

    Text / xuxu
    "If you want to build their own first-class brand, quality is a top priority. Acme Bioko like a printing apparatus, is composed of thousands of different functional parts made with a piece of equipment normally the effect of running up to each member whether normal function is played out, with accuracy in place, while the final results, it is also reflected in the quality. "Guangzhou Wantong company Zhao says.

    Acme Bioko brand currently has independently developed there WT-5800G single-head photo machine width 1.6 meters, there WT-5900F Double 1.8 m photo machine with WT-6600S Double 3.2 m UV inkjet machine, WT-7000D Double end the conduction band UV machine, UV flatbed machines. Each machine classic and stable, there is widely used in traditional advertising industry, the fiery textile printing industry, the home improvement industry. All products company attaches great importance to product quality to ensure that each piece of equipment factory Taiwan and Taiwan have done Collectibles:

    Product parts supply, carefully selected: the processing of certain parts and everyone director. Companies of all incoming inspection, according to the control requirements of the design all fine ~ ~ ~ ~ volume product sampling inspection process, arrange professional technician check the responsibility for realizing the system breakdown, the possible link problem regarded the division of responsibilities continue to achieve reserved responsibility, everyone is responsible for the principle; in addition, Acme Bioko has its own sheet metal factory, machining center, designed for Acme Bioko pictorial production accessories.
    Production processes, and give full play the enthusiasm of people: the company offers superior convenience of the production environment, so that each production staff are happy smooth production, to avoid machine assembly problems caused by personal feelings lead; other companies the hierarchical management system, the selection of the technical backbone, each five a team leader, a captain of every ten people, layers of control over all aspects, such as product testing THK rails, Japan NSK bearings, high-precision surface into an important part of the table and so on control, technical backbone with experience, super sense of responsibility, seriously, strictly, also led to each employee depending on the quality of their mission.
    Final test period, specific indicators
    Now every Acme Bioko equipment factory equipment testing will be the following:: the factory each machine must undergo 72 hours of uninterrupted time aging, requiring run-central axis, platform, gears, motors, bearings, rails, boards, etc. member in question to achieve early detection and timely replacement, to prevent any defective, bad product flow to the next production process, save time! Arrange professional and technical personnel to check the motor is required to move no abnormal sound, proper belt tension, gear normal, normal control board and the like.

    1, raw materials, sheet metal each device will be carefully checked to ensure the reliability of the machine materials.
    2, each machine will be in the case of power-up test, carried out non-transport car test (test for printed material 50 m) to avoid printing occurred during the crash, the car coaster and so on.
    3, after the end of the non-transport machines, will be lines, color, flower print test by the technical staff after the confirmation, call the box.
    Debugging comp image quality confirmation form

    Line test to ensure the printing and two-way step to ensure accuracy.

    Late on packaging, standardization: Acme Bioko equipment to implement export standard wooden packaging, try to be humane, brand, especially Kit, disc operation, etc. must be placed very prominent place, so that the agent is not installed trouble.

    Over the years, Acme Bioko brand is to follow this philosophy, strictly control equipment factory Guan, Li fight each installed so that a smooth and efficient operation, to customers hearts: at ease and comfortable!

    The future is the era of services, equipment manufacturers only rely on a stable machine, good service to win customer approval. Future market is a challenging market, only to do more and better to do, continue to hone in order to usher in the sun tomorrow! Wantong company wishes to continue to uphold the high quality service, maintaining the attitude of excellence, continue to study, to customers most satisfied with the answer!