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  • The piezoelectric photo machine how to save material in use
    DATE:2015/8/6 | VIEW:1245次
    In commercial production operation, piezoelectric photo machine in use, what materials, piezoelectric photo machine as the main output of advertising inkjet printing apparatus in the rapid development of the premise of the industry, competition is also growing, in order to be able to compete in get better profits, but also the cost of each part of the business will be indisputable. I believe the photo machine users are fully understood, the use of pictures of the printout, often do not pay attention will cause the waste material, which is not only a waste of material aspect, may be accompanied by related consumables will be wasted, for example, loss of ink , labor and waste of time, and so on. In order to better reduce waste and save the printing material, Acme Bioko Weapon for you, I want to play everyday use to help photo machine print.
    Before advertising, first preset the relevant dimensions, material specifications according to plan better, for example, we usually more common material size width: 0.914 m, 1.07 m, 1.27 m, 1.52 m wide, etc., in the production according to these specifications to design, thus reducing waste pictorial machine printout to maximize the use of raw materials smaller than 2cm Penhua product specifications Also try not to set useless white rim, after all, only out of sheep wool, in short, less waste is to save, but also the user can give preferential prices. In addition to press specifications to create an ad outside the screen, if the user specific requirements of size, for example, a relatively large screen size or ratio when the small size of the screen, can be imposed output, or cut diagram output, later re-splicing, may be reserved for the screen print output point edge, can 1-2cm, to facilitate post-splicing to ensure the integrity of the screen.
    Sometimes, imposed output image size of the screen, is also a good method to save the material, to avoid excessive waste of material, the use of photo machine printout easier.
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