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  • Characteristics of the domestic outdoor photo machine
    DATE:2015/8/6 | VIEW:1359次

    Domestic photo machine is mainly divided into two categories, pictures of outdoor, indoor photo machine. Outdoor photo machine is to choose light fastness and good quality raw materials, ink safety standards, and indoor photo machine products are generally not withstand the sun, quickly fade easily.
    Outdoor photo machine ink and indoor photo machine is not universal, different head structure, the choice of ink should be clearly distinguished.
    The principle ink is an organic pigment evenly distributed in the organic solvent system, some of the poor choice of ink because of its pursuit of cheap only, pigment particle sizes, suspension system is very unstable raw materials, over time, changes in temperature, it will produce stratification, precipitation phenomena. The reaction to the photo machine will produce precipitation in the ink barrel, ink cartridges, ink tube and nozzle ink chamber. As a direct result of the ink supply is poor, the amount of ink ejection nozzle is not uniform, affect the picture, serious blocking the nozzle, so that extremely shorten the life of the crystal oscillator, the so-called burning head. Generally good shake before use does not require ink or ultrasonic vibration.
    Wide range of domestic outdoor photo machine, widely available materials, such as cloth printing, car stickers and the like can be used. Maintenance is too much trouble, so after a hit indoors model finished, you can left unattended, outdoor machine requires cleaning and maintenance, and prices are much higher than the indoor unit. With two years of constantly updated technology, prices have gradually decreased, especially in the domestic outdoor machines, stability and hardware already imported machines and comparable cost is very high, the sale is also in place, such as Acme Bioko WT-5900F outdoor piezoelectric photo machine photo machine in the domestic industry in the relatively high cost.

    Functional aspects of outdoor pictures have a lot of applications, but most applications it should be the advertising industry. Advertising industry is basically used to promote and advertising methods are varied, may be on billboards publicity to be in the public transport vehicles, cars or car body advertising business, these applications are outdoor pictures. The outdoor pictures precision can achieve photo-class, very strong performance, especially the delicate skin or delicate products can be printed very realistic, as small as 2mm the small print can be very clear performance in the advertising industry, outdoor pictures machine can be said to be irreplaceable.
    Graphic processing industry for the graphic clarity of the requirements of large and graphic processing industry for the printing speed is also a requirement, outdoor pictures machine printing precision and printing speed both doing well, several fast print, print it out images and text are very clear, to meet industry needs. So graphic processing industry is also a big outdoor photo machine application industry.
    Plate processing industry is focused on large format and clear, in any place and now need to use signs, signs can be a reaction area, a corporate image, natural need bright bright screen, clear text, outdoor pictures in this machine industry is a highly competent.
    Of course, in addition to these three industries, there are many industries is the need for outdoor photo machine, and outdoor pictures is a big field, use outdoor photo machine slowly developed.