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  • one. Corporate culture can inspire employees mission. Whatever the enterprise has its responsibility and mission, corporate mission goals and direction of the work of the staff, is the source of enterprise development or progress.
    two. Corporate culture can unite their sense of belonging. The role of corporate culture is through the extraction and dissemination of corporate values, so that a group of people from different parts of the common pursuit of the same dream.
    three. Corporate culture can enhance their sense of responsibility. To promote its business through a lot of information and documents the importance of responsible employees, managers give staff instill a sense of responsibility, a sense of crisis and sense of team, we want a clear understanding of business is all employees of the enterprise.
    four. Corporate culture can give employees a sense of honor. Everyone in their jobs, work areas, more contributions, more performance, more than the pursuit of honor.
    Fives. Corporate culture to achieve staff sense of accomplishment. The prosperity of a business relationship to each employee's survival and prosperity of enterprises, employees will be proud of, will be more active efforts to forge ahead, the higher the glory, the greater the sense of accomplishment, the more obvious.

    What kind of people are most promising? In a nutshell it is to have ideas, creative and capable people. In an internal division personnel have different ways, it can be divided into management personnel and technical personnel. Ability and technical personnel requirements of course reflected in the technical aspects, he should have the ability to adapt to technological business development needs, not just adapt to business technology needs, but according to enterprise development strategies, meet the needs of future development of enterprises. Competition among enterprises is very fierce, a technical know-how alone one apparently wanted to be invincible is wishful thinking. The management personnel capacity and quality assessment of relatively complicated, there are probably several ways:
    First, capacity planning, decision-making ability.
    Second, organizational capacity.
    Third, the planning capacity.
    Fourth, the ability to communicate.
    Fifth, and communication skills are closely related to coordination.
    Sixth, creativity, innovation.